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Producer: SK Global Chemical
Polymer type EAA, Ionomers, High Acid

PRIMACOR® ethylene acrylic acid copolymers (EAA) are designed to be a high-performance sealant and adhesive for demanding products.

EAA Primacor® applications can include high-performance sealants and adhesives, flexible packaging films, pouches, aluminium-based toothpaste tubes laminations, shielding for wires and cables, extrusion coating and general lamination.

General info

Low moisture and grease transmission, as well as the long-lasting bond it forms with metal/aluminium, nylon, glass and many other packaging materials help your products stay fresh and in place. Widely used in extrusion coating, PRIMACOR® is also a laminate of cartons, pouches and tubes and a shield for wires and cables and other blown film and cast film applications.

EAA Primacor® advantages benefit from its long-lasting bond with foil, paper, glass, plastics, cellophane and many other packaging substrates, excellent taste and odour performance, exceptional resistance to aggressive food products, excellent clarity, exceptional hot tack and heat seal, puncture, tear, and environmental stress crack resistance, moisture insensitivity, which allow for cost savings with bulk handling and storage.


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